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Android App Development: Cost and Top Features to Consider

The Android application development company process is considered one of the most expanding factors across all industries. The development cost and quality of that development are totally dependent on the internal operation and the size of the organization. 

Factors that majorly influence Android app development cost

As almost every company is focusing on building their application, Android app development companies are always in the process of upgrading their app features and quality to stay relevant in the mobile app market. Now, the company prefers to upgrade its app quality, consequently, they need to undergo a certain amount of cost for application development, feature upgrade and improve overall app quality. 

android app development in 2024

The type of app you wish to build

The cost of an application largely depends on the exact size and type you wish to build. The mobile application size can be of a total of three sizes. Applications of small, medium, and large scale sizes.

The small-sized applications are specifically designed to focus on a single platform. Here, companies concentrate on the minimum functionality of their application that focuses limited user base.

Medium-sized applications are also focused to perform on a single platform just like small-scale apps. It further offers smooth payment options and a user interface that consequently improves the overall user experience.

Lastly, the large-scale applications are completely different kinds of apps unlike the other two. On the basis of functionality, database, and features of different apps, the overall cost will differ.

Platform-focused operating systems 

It is a proven fact that the cost will typically differ depending on the platform that the company is choosing. These platforms can be either Android or iOS. Now, you can easily trace the subtle level of the development cost of these two platforms. Because there are different programming languages used while building apps for these different apps.

choosing. These platforms can be either Android or iOS. Now, you can easily trace the subtle level of the development cost of these two platforms. Because there are different programming languages used while building apps for these different apps.

Researchers say that an Android application offers a handful of enriched features in compared to an iOS platform. To add more to this an Android application is way more compatible with multiple mobile devices. Whereas, iOS applications have compatibility issues on different devices. Now, because of closed source and limited device compatibility, the applications which are designed for iOS cost much higher than the Android ones. 

Different Platforms and Devices

The platform and device on which an app is designed have a direct impact on its price. For instance, creating an app for a single platform will be less expensive than doing it for several. On the other side, the cost of creating mobile apps will increase when companion apps for connected TV and wearables are developed.

Creating a mobile app for an Android by an Android app development company, and an iOS app by an iOS app development company, or another platform can be expensive. Another important factor to take into account in this category is device generation. The cost of developing mobile apps rises as a result of the additional work and design time required for apps that support older devices.

Cost dependency on the structure and location of the Development team

The price of developing a mobile app may differ depending on whether you work with a well-known mobile app development business, a niche app development company, or an independent developer. This is due to the fact that each task associated with the development process is managed by a different department in a huge organization, resulting in high costs. On the other hand, a startup or independent developer offering services for mobile app development can have just one team handling everything, which would result in lower costs.

android app development in 2024

Top Features of Android app development

As the acceptance of Android apps is wide, the features of Mobile app development services have also many many scopes to get enhanced. Now, let’s consider the different features of an Android application development process. 

Faster loading time

It’s a fact that if an application gets open from 3 seconds to 10 seconds including the loading time that is the ideal time. You need to hire a development team that specifically focuses on building a responsive application with a user-friendly design. It should attract the end-user and compel them to stay on the page for a longer time. Therefore the swift loading time will be, the more chances of winning a good impression on the users.

Simple user interface

You need to design an Android application that offers a user-friendly interface. The bounce rate of an app largely depends on the overall user experience. The development team always has to keep a close check on the unnecessary, confusing, or sometimes distracting negative features that lose user attention from the application. 

Use of social media plugin 

You always need to stay focused on the different trending updates related to Android app development on various social media networks. These social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest,  Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It is the most important factor to integrate social media platforms with your Android app. This is because most companies worldwide prefer to mark their presence on social media platforms. 

Social Media Integration

Integrating social media features into an app allows users to share content, connect with friends, and sign in using their social media accounts. This enhances user engagement and can help with app promotion and user acquisition.

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Concluding Thoughts

A good feature or functionality always attracts user attention. Therefore, the development of apps should not have any major gap, even if it has to bear a certain amount of cost. Android app development companies work hard to design a user-friendly application in a sorted way. 

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