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Live Streaming Guide: 6 Things To Consider For Your Beginner Streaming Setup

Live streaming equipment setup can sometimes be a time-consuming process if not done right. In this live streaming guide, we are going to discuss the things to consider in basic streaming setups and professional streaming setups. Live streaming is considered to be the most powerful tool to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. It allows people to connect from across the globe.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential elements to consider when setting up your live streaming setup as a beginner. From equipment choices to platform selection, we will cover the key factors that can help you kickstart your live streaming journey on the right foot and help you starting a new side hustle.

However, to make your content live-stream seamlessly you will need a proper live-streaming setup with all the basic and advanced equipment.

Live Streaming Guide: Things to Consider Before Streaming

To have a seamless experience with your live streaming, you need to look at the following points. As this live streaming guide is free, you shouldn’t go without it.

Internet Connection

How to live stream without an Internet connection? You cannot. The most important thing to consider is the stable internet connectivity throughout the live streaming. Without having a proper connection you will not be able to give real-time streaming to your audience.

However, you need to have 5G plus connectivity to deliver the highest quality of your content. Make sure you have great and outstanding bandwidth for larger uploads. For your knowledge consider these speed specifications

  • 3 Mbps for 480p
  • 6 Mbps for 720p
  • 13 Mbps for 1080p
Internet connection for live streaming setup

Camera Setup For Streaming

The second most important part of this live streaming guide is to have the live streaming camera setup. For an exact beginner set-up, you can use your mobile phone camera or the webcam of your laptop/computer or you can opt for a basic entry-level live streaming camera. Alternatively, for a little professional camera setup, you can also invest in advanced cameras like,

  •  Canon XA15 or XF100
  • Panasonic LUMIX GH4
  • Sony A7 II

Proper Lighting

You don’t like watching videos with dim lights and low-quality visuals, right? Therefore, to give a better viewing experience you need to consider the live-streaming studio set-up.  With proper lighting, you can make your video look more professional and this can also help you engage with your audience.

However, if you don’t want your audience to watch the poor streaming, overhead lights and low visuals then consider fixing the set-up with natural lighting or using ring light.

Live Streaming

Moreover, for advanced options, you can choose a three-point light kit. This kit will cover all the lighting issues such as the main light, backlight and required spacing of light in your live stream.

Microphone And Audio Setup

Audio quality is a crucial part of this live streaming guide. What if the live video visuals are up to par, but audio services lack? Therefore look after your audio quality and don’t completely rely on the inbuilt microphone of computers/mobiles, invest in buying a proper audio setup. For beginner-level audio setup, you can consider the range of the following microphone.

  • Shure’s iPhone Microphone
  • Topaz DeNoise AI audio software
  • Yeti Nano USB mic
  • Shure MV88 digital stereo condenser mic
  • Rode VideoMic

Software Planning

Software planning or we can say encoders. Encoders are of two types i.e. software and hardware. To share your live stream you need a proper encoder for converting your video format to another.

However, hardware software is the best for the live streaming of games on PC and other professional broadcasts. Also, it frees up your computer for other tasks and does not require a capture card.

But it’s less affordable and comes with difficulty in upgrading. You can choose beginner audio hardware.

Software Planning for Live Streaming Setup

Moreover, software encoders are a great option for beginner-level streamers as they completely depend on your computer’s processing power. Plus this software might need a capture card. You can opt for software encoders as they work on their own and here mentioned are the few software encoders,

  • Livestream Studio 6
  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs OBS

Streaming Platform

Next up, choose the live streaming platform for flawless streaming.  There’s no specific streaming platform best suited for your live streaming as it completely depends on your requirements. Here are a few key features to keep in mind while choosing your streaming platform:

  • High-quality & professional presentations: Always choose the streaming platform that supports the highest quality of visuals such as HD video streaming, and 1080p quality. This will give your audience a better video experience.
  • Wider reach: To expand your business/live streaming reach to a greater audience you will need to have a streaming platform that supports simulcasting to other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • Security and privacy: Consider choosing a platform with trusted security and privacy features as secure video streaming is a must for business. Therefore, look for the proper authentication, customization and private setting of the streaming platform.
  • Power engagement: Make sure you opt for a platform that allows you to interact and engage with your audience seamlessly with its unique features.  Live polls, inbox, live chats and reactions are the few features that engage the audience during live streaming. Therefore choose the best multimedia platform that serves all your needs in one box.
How to Stream on Twitch, Kick and other plateforms

The Bottom Line: Enhance your Live Streaming Setup

By the end of this live streaming guide, you know about the live streaming setup for beginners and for professional streaming setup.  You can follow up on the following things in your next Youtube streaming setup or Facebook live stream setup to have the best experience in live streaming. However, above mentioned points will help you in reaching a larger audience along with increased engagement.

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance the quality of your live streams, engage your audience effectively, and maximize your reach. Good luck with your live streaming setup, and may your future streams be a resounding success

Now that you know all about your live streaming setup for beginners, let’s check out other side hustles that you can combine to live streaming waiting for your channel to take off. There’s a lot of opportunities to make money these days so why would you pass on that.

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