Entrepreneurs Trail: Benefits of social media for small businesses

What Are the Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses in 2023? Are-They Really Necessary?

Social networks are a major part of our lives in 2023. Whether it’s connecting with friends or buying soccer equipment, everything goes through social networks. But what are the real benefits of social media for small businesses, and is it the right solution for your company?

What are the Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses?

There’s a lot of social media benefits for small businesses, the great thing about social medias is that it’s easy to scale up and do everything organically, for free. Let’s check out some benefits of social media for small businesses together.

Boosting Brand Visibility and Reach

In the digital age, the age of attention, only one thing matters: visibility. You see it everywhere, all brands are looking to be seen as much as possible, whether through paid advertising or large-scale campaigns on social networks.

The great thing about using social networks as your main acquisition channel is that you can build up from scratch and stay consistent without incurring any costs. This is in fact the first advantage I tought of when I was thinking about social media benefits for small businesses.

In fact, by building a community on social networks, you’re guaranteed to have an audience that will see your publications. Unlike paid media, your reach is not limited by cost. The cost of content production is fixed in terms of time / number of items of content, and is therefore infinitely scalable at the same price!

Establishing and Nurturing Customer Relationships

Have you ever followed an account when you saw an ad appear on your screen on YouTube, for example? No, because you know the company is trying to sell you something.

However, by creating organic content on social networks like Threads for example, you really give value to your prospect and they don’t feel that you’re trying to sell them something, which can make it easier to create a connection between your business and the individual, just as between an individual and an influencer.

The cool thing about social networks and short-form content like TikTok and Instagram (Reels) is that you can quickly and inexpensively set yourself apart from the competition and get inside your prospects’ heads.

For example, an ice cream company did a series of shorts where a “customer” asked to put ice cream in absurd things like Cérdric Grolet’s croissant. This quickly created a relationship between the viewers and the brand, without giving the impression that they were trying to sell anything. On top of this, collaborating with celebrities or influencers helps bring certain members of their community back to your brand.

Driving Targeted Traffic and Conversions

One of the benefits of social networking for small businesses is that you have several platforms with different audiences. Also, in more general platforms such as Facebook, you can access a more targeted audience by nesting in a category.

Choosing the right platform for your target audience is very important for connecting with them. For example, if you’re boasting a younger audience, instagram or tiktok would probably be a better place to create content than Facebook or Pinterest.

Cost-Effective Marketing and Advertising

We’ve already talked a bit about it, but it’s crucial to dedicate a point just for this. It’s one of the benefits of social media for small businesses that can’t be ignored.

Let’s face it, in the age of attention, visibility is like money, but at what price should we pay for this visibility? Big companies drop thousands of dollars in advertising just for a little visibility, but can you afford it as a small business? Probably not. As a small business owner, your time is worth less than the money you’d spend on advertising.

That’s why spending 1 hour a day is cheaper, because it can bring you the results of an ad worth more than an hour of your time. For example: if you value your time at $20/hour and you manage to reach 20,000 views on Quora, that’s equivalent to about $40 in advertising saved if you niche your audience wich is about 2 times the value of your time and it can go up fast since you’ll also build a community that will help you grow.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Are you following the war in Ukraine? If so, have you noticed that in just a few minutes on social networks, you can be up to date with the news in real time. The same goes for “trends.”

Once you’re on the social medias, you’ll quickly see the content opportunities and changes to be made to your strategy that paid-advertisers don’t necessarily have.

With this “extra” time, you’ll be able to quickly capture views that other large companies won’t have time to take in, and thus gain a community base.


In conclusion, there are several benefits of social media for small businesses on of it’s major one being it’s easy access to attention for free. If you target the right people, are consistent in improving your content and track your progress, there’s no reason why social media wouldn’t benefit your small business.

Social media is only a way to drive traffic to your website, but don’t limitate yourself to it. To learn more about how to drive more traffic to your small business website, check out our other articles on the subject.

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